They wore matching shoes.

I always offer my couples suggestions when it comes to outfit selections for their engagement session. “Soft, muted colors photograph best. Stay away from loud patterns. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in because if you’re uncomfortable, it shows.” The list goes on. The only part of the outfit I don’t really touch on unless they ask is shoes. Why? Because they can be pretty minimal & often times they are lost in the foliage of our locations. But then Drew & Gabe show up… & they wore matching shoes! I couldn’t &, in fact, I still can’t because it was so cute yet so classy & it complimented their already darling dynamic as a couple. Call me smitten.
Drew & Gabe are getting married next May & I cannot wait to hang with them again!

Wanna know a secret? I was so taken by their matching shoes that I even bought a pair. Thanks for influencing me, Drew & Gabe!

drew + gabe | engaged

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