Sunshine, fresh blooms & warmer weather mean our calendar is filling up with engagement sessions! Most couples prepare for their session by shopping for new outfits, shining up that gorgeous diamond ring & scheduling last minute hair cuts/highlights. But, let’s be honest—most of you have never had engagement photos taken, let alone been engaged. For that reason, we want to help! As your photographers, we feel the engagement session is one of the most important aspects of our Wedding Experience so today we are sharing 5 things to consider when planning your engagement session.

I. Professional makeup—it matters!
It’s time for a confession: I was a DIY makeup girl for my own engagement session AND wedding. I know, I know—I need to practice what I preach, but after talking with some of my brides, the majority of them said they wish they would have hired a professional for their makeup. Truth be told, professional makeup really does make a difference in images! Plus, if you plan to have your makeup professionally done for your wedding day, the engagement session is the perfect time for a trial run!

II. Don’t stress about shoes.
Because most of our engagement sessions take place in or near nature’s untouched landscape, shoes often disappear by either blending into the tall grasses or, worst case scenario, sinking into the ground. Don’t get me wrong—I love me some cute shoes, but they aren’t as important from a photographic perspective. While we can absolutely capture those adorable pumps, always have an extra pair of shoes on hand that still matches your outfit but can also easily be swapped out. But, if all else fails, bare feet aint all that bad!

III. Exercise can wait.
This tip is for all the Fitbit & Apple watch wearers! While I applaud you for taking an interest in your health & fitness, free up your wrists for your engagement session. Truth is, most of you don’t realize you’re wearing these items because, well, you’re always wearing it, but even something as simple as a hair tie can be distracting in images. Instead, dress up/dress down your wrists to bring the attention back to that beautiful ring bling!

IV. Honor your style.
When selecting your outfits, pick clothes that are YOU! If blue jeans are a part of your normal look, wear them! To me, the most important thing is that my couples feel comfortable & when you’re in front of the camera, finding comfort begins with the clothes on your back. While I am by no means encouraging sweatpants for your engagement session (sorry, fellas), nailing your clothing choice is the first step toward capturing engagement pictures we all can get excited about!

V. Respect the elements.
I think we can all agree that no matter where you live, Mother Nature can brew up some crazy things. My best advice is that you anticipate & prepare for all potential weather scenarios. If it is a humid day & you have naturally curly hair, embrace your waves instead of battling that flat iron. Another annoying weather condition? Wind! In this case, I’d suggest bringing some bobby pins along or have a “pulled back” hair option for those crazy fly aways. Bottom line, as your photographer, I am always happy to talk with you about the weather for your session. I may not be a meteorologist, but sometimes a reschedule just might be our best option.

5 ways to better your engagement session

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