Our lives changed forever the morning of November 18. In an instant, Ryan & I went from expecting to experiencing as we laid eyes on our baby boy for the first time. Everything about that moment was perfect as our emotions spilled over from relief to amazement to overflowing love like we’ve never known before.
Since today he is officially 1 month young, I felt it was time for a proper introduction. Friends, meet Jethro “Jet” Ryan. Born at 3:58am & weighing 7lbs 10oz, this little man has completely stolen our hearts. We know we are biased, but he is perfect in every wayβ€”Ryan & I still cannot believe he is ours.
As we’ve been adjusting to life as a family of three over the past few weeks, we are so grateful for the love, support, & patience you all have graciously shown us.
Our hearts are full.

Special thanks to our sweet friend Rachael Schirano for blessing us with these beautiful images.

jethro ryan

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