What a great month it has been! I cannot express the amount of joy I have felt as I’ve shared these weekly announcements with you all. However, I have a confession to make: I miscounted the number of Mondays in June. Blame it on the hormones, but I’ve run out of exciting news to share. Rather than not posting altogether & hoping no one notices, it would be wrong of me not to take some intentional time to humbly thank each & every one of you for coming along side me throughout this month-long celebration. Never in my 8+ years behind the camera have I felt such a gracious outpouring of love. You sure know how to make a girl feel special! Truth is, this business would not & could not be what it is without people to serve & the faithful fans cheering me on. So, before the hormones really take over, know that my heart is full & I am forever grateful.

change is good: part 5

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