After introducing my business name change & announcing that Ryan & I are going to have a baby, what in the world could I possibly have in store for today? Talk about tough acts to follow! Over the next two weeks, I’ll be shifting gears back to “the biz” in order to share a little bit of my heart & show you where this new brand is taking me.

When I first picked up a camera over eight years ago, I said, “No way!” to weddings. They were daunting, they were full of pressure & they were seemingly out of my league. I nervously photographed my first wedding back in 2012 & I loved it—there was no turning back! Now, it is hard to fathom where I would be without a wedding every Saturday. I love what I do &, more so, I love who I get to do it for.

All this to say, today’s announcement shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Say hello to Lauren Anderson Weddings! Moving forward, my business will have two main focuses—one being weddings, engagements & all things “love”. These brands will fit perfectly inside the umbrella of Lauren Anderson Photography & I believe that specializing grants me clear direction for the future—so exciting! I realize this announcement is short, sweet & to the point, but if you have any questions about what this means for you, let’s chat! Next week I’ll be sharing my other area of focus—can you guess what is it?

If you’d like to follow along:

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