On March 9, something wonderful happened—my sister’s family became a family of four making Ryan and I “Aunt Lo” and “Uncle Ry” for the fourth time. If you know anything about us, you’ll know we absolutely adore our nieces and nephew, but we’ll admit, when we first found out my sister was expecting her second baby, our initial thoughts were: will we be able to love this baby as much as the others? The answer, without a doubt, is yes.
Allow me to introduce you to Addison Ann. She is perfect. Whats even better—Reagan is now a big sister! At 22 months old, having a newborn in the house hasn’t phased Rea too much (yet!), but if only you could hear her say “Baby Addi”, I’m pretty sure your heart would be melted on the floor. So adorable. I cannot wait to watch these two grow up together. Huge congratulations to Stephanie & Ben—you both are amazing parents and these girls are so lucky to have you.

addison | newborn

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