Ryan and I first met Mitch almost two years ago…at our wedding! Jordan, a long time family friend, invited Mitch to be her date. I knew right then and there that this guy was something special. Maybe it was the respectful way he thanked us for making him feel welcome throughout our day, or perhaps the charismatic way he interacted with us while we visited his table—no matter what, he was smitten with Jordan from Day #1 and that is all that matters.
Now, I wish I could go on to share how Jordan caught the bouquet that evening and the rest was history, but that didn’t happen. I will say, however, that what these two share is untouchable even by fate. Jordan and Mitch were clearly made for each other and we cannot wait to be there as they vow “I do” just as they were there for us. 
Flower crown — LeFleur Floral Designs

jordan + mitch | engagement

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